One of the key factors in creating a comfortable home is having these units properly installed. Paradigm makes sure the unit is properly sized to your home with a heat loss and gain calculation. You won't have to worry about getting too big of a unit which results in large temperature swings and erratic operations, or too small of a unit which isn't efficient and obviously won't heat your home.

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For ambience or comfort, nothing beats a fireplace. Whether you are looking for wood or gas, the glow of the flames and the gentle warmth will delight family and friends. There are many models to choose from, so we will have no problems installing a fireplace which is customized to your home's decor.

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Air Quality

Let us clean and humidfy your home. Not only will we make your homes air quality better, but we will also limit and eliminate your allergy systoms, getting rid of itchy eyes and dry, scratchy throats. We will have you enjoying every breath!

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Air Conditioning

Our air conditioning units dry out and cool down your home during those hot, humid summers. Because of the high efficiency models that we sell, you will save energy while benefitting from better comfort.

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Paradigm News

Return Air Importance

Home comfort generally depends on the temperature and flow of air coming out of the supply ductwork, so most homeowners give this portion of the system more importance. However, the delicate temperature...

Two Years Young!

Wow how time flies! Today we begin our third year in business and what a ride it has been so far!  When Ben and I started Paradigm we felt like we were just stepping off a cliff, not knowing if we...

Advantage of a Two-stage Compressor

A traditional single-stage compressor runs at maximum speed all of the time. This provides optimal cooling when it's very hot outside, but when the temperature is more moderate a single-stage compressor...

Small Tips to Improve Your Air

Ahhh... spring! I love this time of year. Longer days, warmer temperatures and everything's turning green! Of course, with some people's allergies beginning to flare up, it's not all roses for everyone. Air...


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